Model Credit
iPhone 13 Pro Max $185.00
iPhone 13 Pro $140.00
iPhone 13 Mini $95.00
iPhone 13 $95.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max $110.00
iPhone 12 Pro $65.00
iPhone 12 Mini $75.00
iPhone 12 $65.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max $55.00
iPhone 11 Pro $28.00
iPhone 11 $13.50
iPhone XS Max $40.00
iPhone XS $22.50
iPhone XR $11.50
iPhone X $25.00
iPhone 8 Plus $10.00
iPhone 8 $6.50
iPhone 7 Plus $9.50
iPhone 7 $4.50
iPhone 6S Plus $10.00
iPhone 6S $4.00
iPhone 6 Plus $5.00
iPhone 6 $2.00
iPhone 5S $0.50
iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) $29.00
iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) $35.00
iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) $40.00
iPad Pro 11 (2020) $29.00
iPad Pro 10.5 $22.50
iPad 10.2 $21.00
iPad Mini 5 (2019) $20.00
iPad Mini 4 $5.00
iPad Air 3 $22.50
iPad Air 2 $10.00
iPad Air $7.50
iPad Pro 9.7 $5.00
Galaxy S22 Ultra $95.00
Galaxy S22 Plus $45.00
Galaxy S22 $45.00
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G $95.00
Galaxy S21 Plus 5G $44.00
Galaxy S21 5G $44.00
Galaxy S21 FE $33.00
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G $57.50
Galaxy S20 Plus $65.00
Galaxy S20 Fan Edition $27.50
Galaxy S20 $46.00
Galaxy S10 Plus $81.50
Galaxy S10 $53.50
Galaxy S10e $27.00
Galaxy S9 Plus $42.00
Galaxy S9 $30.00
Galaxy S8 Plus $45.00
Galaxy S8 $32.50
Galaxy S7 Edge $25.00
Galaxy S7 $5.00
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus $19.00
Galaxy S6 Edge $10.00
Galaxy S6 $4.50
Galaxy S5 $3.50
Note 20 Ultra $100.00
Note 20 $43.00
Note 10+ $91.00
Note 10 $61.50
Note 9 $60.00
Note 8 $55.00
Note 5 $19.00
Note 4 $4.00


Buyback Submission and Packing List:

Please submit all buybacks through our online submission to receive a buyback number and packing list. Any buyback sent to us without a buyback number & packing slip will result in a 10% fee will be deducted from the final credit.

Buyback Processing:

We try our best to process all buybacks as quickly as possible and most buybacks are processed within two (2) business days.

Price Guarantee:

Buyback prices are generally updated weekly. The buyback price is only valid if we receive the package within seven (7) days of the Buyback Authorization Number being issued. If the buyback is received more than seven (7) days after the Authorization, then the current prices listed on this page is what will be paid out.


Buy backs submitted through our online submission qualify for shipping labels. A shipping label is $10.00 for buy backs under 50 screens and free if over 50+ screens. Please ensure that all screens are packaged properly so they are not damaged in shipment. Labels provided by WGP do not have any insurance. If you would like insurance on your package, then please ship using your own shipping label with insurance.

Grading Criteria:

All buybacks must have an original, working screen and digitizer. We will make the final determination on the grading when we process the buyback. We are not currently buying back any aftermarket screens.

Screens with no value:

During buy back submission, you can choose whether to have the screens that did not have any value such as aftermarket or broken displays either returned to you or recycled. Returning the screens to you will result in a $10.00 return shipping fee.

Credits Only:

All quoted buyback prices are based on a store credit. Currently, only store credit is offered.

Policy Abuse:

Unfortunately, some customers abuse our generous buyback policies. Accordingly, we will be forced to apply stricter policies to those abusive customers.

Policy Changes:

These policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Updated:    ver:2022.09.22.1
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Stock Reserved

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